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Meeting 9: Programme and Engagement Update

The ninth Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) for the Moving Forward Together (MFT) Programme took place on Tuesday 19th of June 2018. The Group of 11 patient, service user and carer representatives (details at the end) heard a presentation by Barry Sillers, Head of Planning for Transformational Change and John Barber, Patient Experience and Public Involvement Manger and NHS Greater Glasgow and engaged in discussion about the status of the Programme and an update on engagement to date.

Barry explained the progress to date and that the Core Team had successfully delivered the aim of developing a Strategy to that described new ways of working across health and social care for the whole population of Greater Glasgow and Clyde. He said the next steps were to seek approval to proceed to implementation by presenting the Strategy to the Board of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and at the six Integration Joint Boards.

John provided an update on the engagement of the Programme to date and presented an animation that has been designed to raise awareness and promote further involvement. He provided an overview of the community and staff engagement and the feedback that people had provided about the Programme. He thanked the Group for all their input and guidance around the engagement and said that he hoped they would continue to work with us if approval to proceed was granted.

The Groupprovided positive feedback about the ethos and approach to the development of the strategy and agreed with the Vision for health and social care services within it. They discussed the need for boundaries across services and setting to be overcome and the need for joined up working and resource to enable this. They said that people will need to be supported to understand the potential impact that new way of working will have on how they access and use services.


They spoke about the approach to engagement and that use of media such as the animation was  the way to raise awareness and engage more widely nowadays, but cautioned about being mindful of those not online. They all welcomed their involvement to date and said that that continued engagement will be required to ensure that we are able to successfully implement the Vision and that they were willing to continue helping us do this.