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COVID-19 (Coronavirus info)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Public Involvement

On this page you will find details of how Moving Forward Together has engaged with people to hear their feedback and views about the Programme.

In the Engaging with People section you will find details of the meetings we have across Greater Glasgow and Clyde working alongside the six Health and Social Care Partnerships to hear what matters most to people to help us determine the future of health and social care services.

In the Stakeholder Reference Group section you will find details about the group of patients, carers and their representatives have worked alongside us to support and guide us on how to engage and communicate with people about the Moving Forward Together Programme.

In the Third Sector Engagement section you will find details of how we want to work alongside Third Sector colleagues to jointly meet the challenges we face and ensure that we reach those potentially most affected by service transformation to ensure we meet their needs

Our approach to involvement 

A core to principles that underpins the Programme is ongoing, consistent and transparent communication and public involvement. We recognise that this is intrinsic to how we; increase public understanding of why redesign of health and social care services is necessary; whilst ensuring the views of those most affected are at the heart of transformation driving improvements in experience and outcomes.

We intend to engage with people and have conversations that enable them to influence our thinking and decision making and our plans for new ways of working and service delivery models will grow naturally from routine communication and dialogue with people. As the vision to describes changes over the next 3 to 5 years and beyond we have developed phased approach to our engagement that takes people with us for the duration of the Programme.

Phase 1 took place in the first half of 2019 and was designed to:

  • Raise awareness and hear initial feedback about need to change and the proposed direction of travel
  • Understand what matters most to people to help inform future service delivery models
  • Develop relationships that encourage future participation via an iterative process and ongoing conversations

A full report of the activity we undertook and what we heard during Phase 1 can be read and will be used to develop Phase 2 activity to:

  • Answer the frequently asked questions that people have asked about how we will transform health and social care services
  • Illustrate transformation in practice and describe what this will mean for people who access and use services
  • Continue to hear what matters most so that redesign and future delivery models meet people’s needs